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Chere's Weight Watchers Story
Read Cheres Diet Story and Find out how she Lost Weight

I lost 18 1/2 Lbs in 32 Days No Counting Points, No Meetings, Less Exspensive, All From The Comfort Of My Own Home...   My Weight Watchers Story

Hey welcome to myDiet Story but firstly can I say if you're contemplating joining Weight Watchers, I Have to be honest it is a Well resourced and comprehensive diet system that plenty of people have achieved ok results using. 

However, My success was very limited and after spending a fair bit of time & money I had my family to consider and what with the current recession creating lot of financial uncertainty every $1 counts !

The whole purpose behind why I'm writing this is because I gave up on Weight Watchers Points and Meetings (there I said it!), because I stumbled onto and then had BIG success with a completely brand new diet plan system that didn't involve Meetings or counting weight watchers points and was so much cheaper...

If you're time poor, you can read my precise Step by step plan I used to shed 18 1/2lbs or continue to read the full story below...

The Alternative To Weight Watchers That Allowed Me To Lose 18 I/2 lbs In 32 Days From the Comfort Of My Own Home...

Hi, my name is Chere Dawson, As I celebrated my 38th birthday I decided enough is enough so I spent the first part of this year on a mission to try and lose 15 - 20 Lbs.

Be sure to read the following very carefully as I'm going to tell you how I became disillusioned and why I was forced to give up with Hoodia, the Atkins Diet and also Weight Watchers... and how I have lost an astonishing 18 1/2lbs in 32 Days with a unique diet system.

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diets main goal is to help you to lose weight by using a method called calorie cycling and adjusting your daily food intake, increasing your bodies ability to lose weight and increasing your metabolism in the process.

It is based on a cycle of 11 days and offers to help you lose up to 9 pounds in 11 days where you are given a structured list of food guidelines from the online generator, the upside to the diet is that you are allowed 3 days where you can cheat and eat whatever you want. You can then commence the diet cycle again, and continue repeating until you’ve reached your desired weight loss goal.

Information you should know first of all is that I'm just a regular 38 year old women living a some what normal life, I am happily married with my husband and have 1 beautiful child so up until the finish of last year, I never had a problem with my weight what so ever.

Up until my weight problems began I regularly cycled, swam and generally had a active life style and then the sudden change created by having a child in my life meant that I had to unfortunately stop all these energetic activities.I don't want to bore you with 'sad truth' as it would take all day and I also realize that your time is limited.

However, I do hope that you'll take the next minute to read this through because it'll definitely save your health, your money as well as a lot of time and heart ache.

For Your Information, Listed Below Are The Diets That Didn't Work For Me...

The 1st diet I used was Atkins because again I had heard that it could work for me. Although, after only 3 weeks of adhering to the diet plan I started to feel quite ill due to the elevated amounts of meat protein that I was consuming. My internal digestive system has never been the strongest anyway and the food intake that the diet suggested wasn't doing me any favors so in the end the writing was on the wall for this diet too, another diet that failed

The 2nd Diet I used was Hoodia and even though a few of my friends had success with it, and although I also lost some weight to begin with, after a few weeks, things began to go downhill. One of the major issues was that I was spending so much money on pills from their website and it seemed like I was returning every few days to purchase even more failed.

I was informed that I required in excess of 2000mg a day for there to be any real effect and as I was using hundreds of dollars whilst also trying to support the kids, I stopped using them after a month or so just thru guilt and not putting my family first.

Next Alternative was Weight Watchers...

The 3rd Diet Good old Weight Watchers, I started to go to the Weight Watchers meetings (which were helpful) and if I were going to be honest, It did start to work I began to lose a little weight; but not quite as fast as I had wished (or was told for that matter!!).

Where problems with the diet started creeping in was with the kids commitments (schools, clubs, parties etc), It became increasingly harder to make some the meetings and even though I started out enthusiastically, I began to miss out on the odd meeting which became annoying as I still had to pay.

The other thing was that weighing yourself in front of others wasn't my idea of fun and I didn't think the 'counting points' system was that effective either as you obviously wouldn't be able to carry on doing this for the rest of your life.

In fact, I believe that's the major downside with Weight Watchers as they don't teach you how to eat in a practical realistic way that after you have finished with them you could implement into your day to day life... and in my opinion that's why many people, even if they had success to begin with, mostly go back to their original weight failed.

And Here's How I Lost 18 1/2 Lbs In 32 Days...

Whilst I was trudging along with Weight Watchers program, I stumbled on a new online diet called Fat Loss 4 Idiots that had helped thousands (400,000 people bought it last year) lose quite a lot of weight in a very short space of time.

Personally, I had heard of it before but due to my recent experiences, I was needless to say a little dubious. Although, after doing some more research, such as forums and reading some great reviews and also the cost was minimal compared to most Diet plans out there, So I decided to give it a shot.

The Mantra behind the diet system is to integrate it with your normal daily routines by manipulating your body metabolism into losing weight while eating more then 3 meals each day...

It centers around the idea that you need to keep feeding your body with the correct food types and consume them at the correct times of day in order to reduce weight. Hey I know , it does sound a little crazy but it does actually work. FatLoss4Idiots Diet Review


Warning this is not a fad diet and even better you don't have to continuously pay for pills or even pre-packaged meals either. You just enter what foods you like into their unique diet generator and it builds a personalized diet plan designed just for you.

Its of no real surprise that the reason I would whole heartedly recommend Fat Loss 4 Idiots to anyone is because when I used it I lost 18 1/2 Lbs in just over a month and although I haven't lost weight quite as fast as the 9lbs every 11 days that is claimed on the website, I'm sure you'll agree that is very amazing, when you consider I didn't have to re-arrange my daily lifestyle at all - and that suits the family just fine .

An important part to remember though is that since shedding the weight I've actually managed to keep it off which is an amazing feeling I now think thin and the diet is still working, actually its away of life...

Which One ... Weight Watchers Or Fat Loss 4 Idiots?

Hey, as I said before, there is absolutly nothing misleading with Weight Watchers and yes I did get some limited success through it. The main concern for me is it's expensive and very inconvenient. On the other hand, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is so simple to use, very inexpensive when compared to everything else and you can purchase all the foods from your local supermarket.

They tell you what to consume , you eat it - and you lose weight! To be honest, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you had the same results as me.

In fact, if I'd known a few months ago as to how successful this diet plan really is, I would have lost my excess weight ages ago without wasting my time and money with everything else.

Well, that's it for today and if you need to lose weight fast then go visit Fat Loss 4 Idiots now and make that change today. Go visit their website here and lose weight

Written By Chere Dawson Article Reference

Date Posted: 25-04-17:Tue

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